Vaginal Dryness

Have you ever suffered from vulvar or vaginal itching?  Do you have burning that isn’t explained by a yeast infection or urinary tract infection? At Kennesaw Gynecology it is important for us to discover what is the underlying cause.

It may be surprising to know that this can affect those who are young as well as those who are postmenopausal.  Sometimes long-term birth control use can be the source.  Furthermore, the lack of estrogen in peri and postmenopause can cause a significant impact on quality of life.

Let us help you discover what the diagnosis is and let us help find the best plan of care for you. Please call our office for a consult for options for treatment, both traditional and non-traditional.  We pride ourselves in staying on the cutting edge of treatment for this and the O-SHOT has been proven successful in the treatment of this condition as well.

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