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A woman’s life is one of challenge and complexity. Whether you are a wife, mother, girlfriend, or sister, life can wear you down. We feel your pain. Do we just accept this as our reality or do we take steps to control our own narrative? At Kennesaw Gynecology, we believe in the latter. By taking care of your body and mind, you are best prepared to handle life’s challenges. The “whole health” approach is designed around helping you to feel your best and look your best. When these things are achieved in concert, there is no mountain too high or valley too low. It would be our privilege to partner with you in this important task of achieving “whole health.” Please read below about the extensive menu of services we provide.


We treat girls and women of any age and help guide a woman’s overall welfare in the long term, through counseling on important health and lifestyle issues. Click below to explore some of the services we provide for our patients.

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Cosmetic gynecology aims to make improvements to either the physical appearance or function of the vagina and labia. Explore the various treatments and procedures we offer our patients here at Kennesaw Gynecology.

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Is your sex life, or lack thereof, affecting your intimate relationship? We can provide treatments and training to help bring the romance and sex back to relationships to improve both emotional and physical health.

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Many gynecology surgeries are non-invasive and don’t require a long post-op stay. Learn more about a wide range of surgical and diagnostic procedures offered at Kennesaw Gynecology, performed by experts in their field.

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Being well is as important as being healthy. Wellness and health work in conjunction and we all need one to have the other. Whether it is losing that stubborn belly fat, shedding those difficult pounds, improving your diet, or boosting your energy, we offer quick and easy solutions.

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